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Founder of Valeria & Valentina has always admired European architecture and the timeless, yet effortless style of its people. She always thought that there was something poignant yet subtle detail gracing their outfit. Also having been awestricken by the contrasting busy style of New York her entire life, she wanted to use both influences and translate them into her production line. Her passion for bold accessories is portrayed in all of our collections. 


The inspiration behind our brand was upon the idea that fashion should be bold, effortless, and empowering. We make sure to create our handbags and shoes with ethical practices; using faux leather that is just as durable and supple as real skin. 

Valeria & Valentina believes that you can be both elegant and economical at the same time - especially when it comes to leather. Most importantly, we believe that your style should not come at the expense of your personal values. 


We hope to inspire and empower you.