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1. I placed an order. Why haven't I received any updates on shipment?

Orders are being fulfilled in line with the lead-times stated on our website:
You will also be able to track your order here:
The information will update once your package reaches the next transit center. ETA will be showing on shipment information as you as the parcel arrived at your location's distribution center.

2. When I'm tracking my order, it's showing me that I have an 'insufficient address'. What is happening and what do I do now? 

An 'insufficient address' could be caused by a lot of reasons including one of the following:
1. addressed incorrectly 
2. no return address 
3. no one was at the premises to receive and sign the package 
4. the mailman had trouble finding your address 
Please email and let us know if you are having trouble figuring out a shipment. We will double-check if we indeed made a mistake in recording your address. 
If a shipment has an 'insufficient address' the courier will usually transfer back your order(s) to the local warehouse in your city, closest to your address.
The exact reason will not be known until the package is already returned to the warehouse. 
We recommend you contact your local USPS and track your order, that way you can confirm the package is yours and have them set up a re-delivery to your address. 

3. When will my order ship? 

All orders ship on business days Monday through Friday. Orders will be processed and set for shipment within 72 hours from the time of purchase.  

4. Where can I find the closest retail location?

Valeria & Valentina is an e-commerce brand so we are only available online. 

5. Are my payment details/data secure?

Yes, our platform is PCI level 1 compliant for credit card processing which means that it adheres to the highest standards of server compliance. It has the highest standards in the world on payment processing. 

6. Do you have expedited shipping? 

As of right now, we only offer standard shipping. Shipping times can be found here: